Fun Party Games

Fun party games can be played indoors or outdoors and are great group activities for kids.

Besides food at parties, kids love to be engaged and do fun activities!

So, gather a large group of your friends, celebrate your big day, and have lots of fun and laughs doing it.

Getting kids involved in fun activities while surrounded with their friends is definitely a fun party!

Let the star of the show (the birthday boy or girl) decide what activites, recreation and entertainment he or she wants to play.

He may want one or two activities to do; she may want five or six to play.

Get Active and Have Fun

These all get kids up and moving. You can play these in teams or have the kids play against each other.

Teamwork will make these go a lot faster, so if your time is limited, divide the children up.

Some will need to be played outdoors while others are suitable for playing indoors in a larger room with lots of space.

Some of these classics have been played for years around the world with kids having loads of fun!


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  • birthday activities
  • Christmas games and party activities
  • halloween games and activities
  • outdoor and indoor fun
  • teen activities

These are great:

  • active
  • cooperative
  • discovery
  • educational
  • interactive
  • learning
  • musical
  • preschool
  • and teamwork play ideas.

The cool party entertainment listed here are good clean fun for boys and girls. They're wonderful for little kids to play, too.

Enjoy these fun party activities!

Get the kids up and moving with lots of party recreational entertainment!

These all help kids learn concentration, motor skills, coordination, teamwork and much more!

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