Fun Kids Crafts and Activities

These fun Christmas games and fun kids crafts give kids over 75 printable worksheets they will love including 11 printable Christmas games for kids.

In addition, there's fun word puzzles, math worksheets, cool writing activities, Christmas writing templates, mazes, Christmas card making activities, Christmas bookmarks and coloring sheets which adds up to lots of fun activities for the holidays.

Let them surprise you with their own homemade gift to you at the holidays.

These fun halloween kids games and fun halloween activities have over 60 printable worksheets that are colorful and loads of fun.

There's Halloween Word puzzles, math worksheets, writing activities and templates, fun mazes, neat Halloween card ideas, bookmarks and coloring pages.

These cool math games 4 kids include printable math activities, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division play ideas kids will love.

Both entertaining and challenging these will keeps kids enthralled for hours of fun.

They can play fraction, decimal, time, percentages and counting activities plus lots more number play that is fun and stimulating. Your kids will want more and will see that math IS fun!

These math activities cater to all different ability and skill levels as well as to different learning styles.

You'll also get 3 more books:

Math games sheets, math card activities and math games ideas. A great deal!

Let the children have loads of fun as they also learn.


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