Fun Card Games For Kids

Kids love cards! These fun card games will keep big and little kids entertained for hours.

These fun activities are great for memorization, concentration and observance skills.

Play these as a family - kids versus parents and see who comes out on top!

Of course the parents are hoping they will be the winners!

Some of these are even suitable for kids to play alone.

Get the kids off the computer, away from the TV and let them play these fun activities that have been loved for years!

There are many activities families can play together that don't involve electronics, so take advantage of fun that doesn't involve being on the laptop or cell phone.

All that's needed is a standard deck of playing cards and pencils and paper for score keeping.

That's it! How easy it is to immediately start to play and have fun!

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These are a great way for kids to learn numbers, improve their memories and have loads of fun alone or with their friends!

Play them at parties, at home, at a picnic or anywhere you can bring cards!

Play on the patio, on the deck, the kitchen table or on the floor.

These are great:

  • camping
  • group
  • indoor
  • and summer outside games.

Some common card terms kids should know:

  • Face cards are the jacks, queens and kings.
  • Suits - there are 4 suits, hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs.

Enjoy these fun card games!

We hope you enjoy these fun times with your family and friends! It's important to bond with the kids.

Pick one night a week to get together and play. It's a great way to bring your family closer together.

Laughing together is great family fun!

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