Fun Block Game

The fun block game is one of the good discovery kids games and preschool educational games to play with kids.

This game teaches kids the differences between things.

Help him learn what things are the SAME and what things are DIFFERENT.

Teachers can also do these activities in school with their kids.

Use colored blocks if you have these in your classroom.

You can use 3 or 4 items, whatever you have enough of.

Other items that work well for this activity include jelly beans, coins, M&Ms and wrapped candy in different colored wrappers.


Ages 2 - 5
Need: blocks, fruit or socks


If using socks, place 2 identical socks and one mis-matched sock in a pile in front of your child.

Tell her to pick out the 2 socks that are ALIKE. If she does, tell her to explain why she thinks they are alike.

Tell her how "alike" and "same" mean the same thing.

If he picks out 2 different socks, ask him why he picked those, then explain the word DIFFERENT to him.

A red and a blue sock would not be matches as these are different colors.

Two blue socks would be matches.

Then ask him to pick out the 2 different socks.

Do the same with fruit. You can use oranges, apples and bananas.

Gloves are another good item to use.

A brown and black glove would not match up whereas two brown gloves would.

After the kids are done playing, they can eat the candy!

Enjoy the fun block game!

Comics Game

One of the fun learning, educational, and fun preschool kids activities.

Before You Begin

Ages 2 - 5
Need: cut out comics or picture books


Using comics or a picture book, show it to your child and ask him to describe what he sees.

If using comic strips, ask him to use descriptive words and explain what the characters are doing in each frame.

How does the first frame lead into the second frame and so on?

What are the characters saying to each other? What are their moods like?

If you're using a picture book, ask your child to describe the different things in the picture.

Why does he think they are all together in the same picture? Do those things go together?

Ask her what she would write if she was making the comic or writing the story.

How would she change things around? What would the ending be? Why would the ending be like that?

What emotions would the characters have? Would they be happy? Afraid? Why or why not?

Ask him what the different emotions mean. When would the character be scared?

Why might the character be laughing? What does it mean to be happy? Ask your child what makes him smile.

Ask your child to name things in the comic that could be called a group.

Maybe there's a boy and his dad. That group is called a family. Maybe a character in the story has on socks and shoes. That's another group that goes together.

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