Fun Animal Games

Fun animal games test kids creativity.

This is one of the fun dog games for kids and games for little kids.

Before You Play

Ages: 2 - 5
2 or more players
Need crayons, paper


In this game, you and your child name different kinds of dogs, or things associated with dogs (such as doghouse, collar).

Take turns naming dogs or objects that relate to dogs.

If your child can't think of anything, give her clues such as, "what do you take a dog on a walk with to keep him from running away from you?" The answer would be leash.

Or, "what do you put water in for a dog to drink out of?" The answer would be "bowl".

If your child comes up with something that is not dog related, explain to her why it's not.

When you're done, ask your child to draw her favorite dog.

You can play this game with different categories such as cats, horses, birds or other categories you come up with.

You can ask what a bird builds to sleep in or what a cat likes to catch with a tail (a mouse!).

Party Activities

Have the kids sit in a circle and go around the circle asking each child to name a type of dog or object she associates with a dog.

Or get creative and play pin the tail on the doggie or horsey as a fun party game!

Enjoy these fun animal games for kids.

House Game

One of the fun activities for kids kindergarten and younger.

It's also one of the good inside and interior design play ideas for kids.


Ages: 2 - 5
Need construction paper, magazines, tape


Before the play begins, divide the construction paper into 4 sections.

Write "kitchen", "bathroom", "bedroom" and "family room", one in each section.

Go through magazines together and tear out pictures your child wants to build her house with.

Let her tape the pictures into the room they belong to.

Example, you tear out a picture of a television. Let her put the tv where she thinks it should go. She'll probably pick the family room.

If she sees a picture of a bathtub, she'd tape that to her bathroom section.

Once her house is constructed, hang it up for everyone to see.

Your child can make her house as big as she wants. She can add a basement or attic to it.

She can add a garage and a porch. She can also add bedrooms for her brothers and sisters.

Then she can go through the magazines and pick out items she thinks her brother would like in his room and items her sister would like in her room.

She can find a grill to put on the porch. Or a car to put in the garage.

She'll have fun designing the house of her dreams for all her family members!

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