Fruit Games

Fruit games are good educational toddler activities, and nutrition games for kids.

This can be played either at the grocery store or at home.

As you're shopping, point out the different kinds of fruit to your child.


Ages 2 - 5
Need: different fruits


Let him hold different fruits and tell him to describe the way they feel to him.

Help him learn by telling him a peach is fuzzy, an apple is smooth, a grapefruit and orange have hard skins, a banana is either ripe or unripe.

Point out the ripe bananas. What color are they? Usually yellow with brown spots! Look at the unripe ones. They're green.

Which banana would he rather eat? Why?

Then have him hold each fruit to understand what these words mean.

You can also tell him that oranges have lots of vitamin C which helps to prevent colds, bananas have potassium that are good for muscles.

Have him look at blueberries. They are a deeper shade of blue than the sky.

Tell him that blueberries have antioxidants that help his immune system stay healthy and strong.

Apples come in shades of red and green and a lot of varieties. Look at all the different apples in the store.

Name them and look at the various shade that each different apple comes in.

Kiwi are a pretty fruit as are strawberries. Grapes are bite sized and come in green, red and purple.

Lemons are a pretty yellow and limes are green. Explain how lemons are sour and have a good smell.

Have fun with these fruit games!

Grocery Game

One of the fun discovery, educational and fun learning activities.

Before You Play

Ages 2 - 5
Need: groceries


When you get home from the store, set all the items on your kitchen counter.

Hand an item - one at a time - to your child and tell him or her where the item should be placed.

If you hand her a can of soup, say the soup goes "IN the cabinet BESIDE the tuna fish".

A box of popsicles would be placed "INSIDE the freezer BEHIND the ice cream."

A loaf of bread can be placed BETWEEN the cereal box and toaster on the counter.

This helps your child learn positions of objects.

You can also expand on this and explain how some objects sit up on the shelf or in the refrigerator.

How some items are placed on their sides on the counter like a loaf of bread.

Some items may even be stacked on top of each other like cans in the pantry on a shelf.

Some items may be placed in FRONT of each other on the kitchen counter or on TOP of each other when the fruit is placed in the fruit bowl.

The mustard and ketchup can be put BESIDE each other in the refrigerator.

Or tell him to leave the cereal "out" on the counter.

You can also point out items at the grocery store that are beside, below, on top of and in between each other.

This will help your child learn positioning pretty quickly!

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