Fun Frisbee Game

The frisbee game is one of the cool camping games for kids to play outdoors.

The Pre-Show

6 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: frisbee, sticks


Make a playing field with sticks about 200 feet long and 100 feet wide.

The wide lines will be the goal lines and the longer lines the boundaries of the field.

Divide the players into 2 teams with equal number of kids. Do a coin toss to decide which team goes first.

The teams line up at their goal lines. The team with the frisbee throws it to the other team.

That team's members want to try and catch the frisbee. Or they can let it go down to the ground.

The receiving team wants to get the frisbee down the field and over the other team's goal line.

They do this by throwing the frisbee to their own team members as they move down the field.

The other team tries to intercept the frisbee as the other team is moving down the field.

If the opposing team gets the frisbee, then they try and move down the field towards the opposite team's goal line.

This isn't football and no tackling is allowed!


The frisbee can only be thrown from player to player.

A player who has the frisbee cannot run down the field with it. He has to stand still and fling it to a teammate.

If the frisbee is not caught by a teammate and ends up on the ground, the opposing team takes control of the frisbee.

Also, the opposing team will get the frisbee if a player takes steps before he throws the frisbee or if the frisbee goes out of bounds.


One point is scored when a team soars the frisbee over the opponent's goal line - and the frisbee is caught by a teammate.

Once a goal is scored, play begins again with teams lining up behind their goal lines and the opposing team now getting the frisbee.

And . . .

The team who gets 11 points first, wins.

Or you can set a time limit and the team with the most points after the time has elapsed wins.

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