Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag is one of the fun outdoor games and picnic games for kids.

It's also a great playground activity or gym play idea on a rainy day.

Kids will need good balance in this fun entertainment idea where you stand as still as you can.

Stand still and don't move!

Can you do this?

Play with your friends and find out!

This is one of the children's classics that's been around for ages.

Kids need to get outside and get some fresh air with their friends.

Teenagers, as well as preschoolers, find this a great source of exercise and fun.

Before You Begin

4 or more players
Ages 3 and up

Have Fun!

To start this, one player is chosen as being "it".

Or, one of the kids can volunteer.

This is the person who does the chasing and runs after other kids trying to tag them.

"It" closes his eyes, counts to ten, as the other players scatter away from him.

Once he's done counting, he opens his eyes and the fun begins!

"It" runs towards the other players, trying to touch them.

When he does, that player is "frozen" and has to stand completely still. She cannot run anymore.

She can be unfrozen when another player comes up and tags her. Then she can begin running.

The chaser wins the round when he has frozen all the other players.

However, he needs to keep an eye on the players who aren't frozen, as they can "unfreeze" other players.

So the play can go on for a while, especially if there is a larger group of kids playing!

You can set a time limit to avoid the play going on for a long period of time.

The next round, another one of the kids will be it. Have fun with this!

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