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Bible games for children include free bible games that you can print off and play wherever you are teaching Sunday school, vacation bible school, religious studies at elementary schools or for teaching your children about deepening their relationship with God at home.

Bible word games help kids learn new biblical terms and phrases by playing a number of fun games to increase their biblical vocabulary.

Through playing, team games, art work and other activities, kids can deepen their love for God, and these free bible games are a good starting tool.

Play any time, at home, during the whole year.

Give Thanks Box

Need box, stickers

This is one of the nice biblical play ideas for a group of 10 or more kids in a Sunday school, CCD or elementary Catholic religion class. Let the kids decorate a medium size box with religion themed stickers. Every day, let each child write something he is thankful for each day. On the last day of each month, take the notes out of the box and read each one out loud. Have time for discussion after the last note has been read.

Recipe Activity

4 or more players
Need brownie mix, ketchup, sugar, salt, pepper, bowl

Put the kids in a circle, open the brownie mix box and empty the ingredients into the bowl. Read the ingredients needed to prepare the mix. Discuss how obeying God and following his rules makes people turn out the way God intended.

Then tell the kids you are going to disregard the rules and put ketchup, sugar, salt and pepper into the bowl, hoping this will make brownies. Discuss how not obeying God's instructions makes things not turn out how God wants, and how following your own rules can lead to discourse.

God Fills You Up

2 or more players
Need jar, small rocks or small marbles, rice, sand, water

Place the rocks or marbles in the jar. One of the free bible games where you can talk about what the most important things are in your life that you need to live. Then add the rice and discuss things you want but don't need to lead a happy life. Add the sand and discuss small things you like in your life. Then fill the jar with water and discuss how this is God and He covers every aspect of our life and is in everything that is in our lives.

Words from Words

6 or more players
Need paper, pencils, stopwatch

Divide the kids into 2 teams, give each kid a piece of paper and a pencil.Give each team a word from the Bible, and have them write it at the top of their papers. At "go", give the kids 3 minutes to form as many new words from that word as they can. The team with the most new words wins.

Goodbye Sin

6 or more players
Need newspaper, stopwatch

Make small balls out of newspaper pages, these balls are sin. Divide the kids into 2 even teams and have them stand on opposite sides. Place the balls 15 feet from each team. At "go", the players run and pick up balls and run across to their opponent's team and deposit the balls on that side.

After 2 minutes of play, the team who has the least balls on their side, meaning less sin, is the winner. One of the free bible games where you can talk about how we do battle with sin everyday and talk about ways we can keep sin from our side.

God Knows Me

6 or more players
Need voice recorder

Have each child go to a corner of the room and say, "God knows me and loves me". After each child has recorded that phrase, put them in a circle and play the first recording. Let the kids guess whose voice it is. One of the free bible games where you can discuss how God knows us by name and by voice and how he recognizes every one of his children.

Feeding of the Crowd

8 or more players
Need paper

Divide the kids into 2 teams. Give each team one sheet of paper. Tell them the paper represents the one fish that Jesus had to feed to a crowd of thousands. Tell them to make as many small balls of paper as they can, and that this represents how many people Jesus was able to feed from one fish.

Freeing Sin

2 or more players
Need balloon for each child

Have each child write down things he considers sin - either that he has done or things he thinks are sins that other people may do. Put the paper in the balloon then blow the balloon up for each child. Once they are all blown up, tell the kids to say goodbye to sin and let the balloons go.

Missing Letters

6 or more players
Need whiteboard, marker

You can divide the kids into 2 equal groups or have each child take a turn guessing a letter. Write a biblical verse down on the whiteboard, leaving out 2 or 3 letters from each word. Each child will call out a letter and if it's in the phrase, write it in the correct space. When someone knows the verse, they can shout it out. The winner is the child or team who guesses the most verses.

We hope your children grow in their love of the Book and in their faith with the free bible games and activities.

Sharing with each other helps kids see God in every living person as well as every living thing.

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