Fox and Geese Game

Fox and Geese game is a fun brain game and concentration game. It's also one of the fun indoor activities for younger children.

Checkerboards afford kids lots of play ideas if they use their imaginations.

This fun entertainment is played like regular checkers with some modifications to change it around a little.

You won't actually be playing with animals, but you will have a lot of fun playing with your friends!

You can't jump but you can have a lot of fun with your friend!

Parents will find this fun to play with their kids, too! See who can win the most rounds.

Players will need to concentrate and strategize their moves if they want to be the winner!

Before You Begin

2 players
Ages: 6 and up
Need checkerboard and checkers


You'll need 4 red checkers (geese) and 1 black checker (fox) for this.

Players decide who will be the fox and who will be the geese.

The player with the red checkers (geese) puts his checkers on the black squares of his back row.

The player with the black checker (fox) puts her piece on any black square.

The geese player begins and wants to prevent the fox from moving into his last row.

Geese can move forward only diagonally on black squares.

The fox can move forward or backward diagonally on any black square. No jumping is allowed.

And . . .

The winner is the fox if he makes it to his opponent's back row or the geese if they stop the fox from getting to that back row.


The next round, switch up. The fox will be geese, and the geese will be the fox.

You can play as many rounds as you both want, or you can play for a specified time limit.

You'll get on to how to play the more you play.

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