Four Square

Four Square is one of the fun outside games for kids and elementary games.

Before You Start

4 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: soft kick ball, chalk


Begin by making a playing court about 20 by 20 feet square. Divide this into 4 boxes the same size.

The boxes are marked A, B, C and D starting with the upper left and going to the right.

In square A, draw a diagonal line to form 2 triangles in that square.

4 players get into their own square. The person serving gets in square A.

To decide which squares they stand in, players can flip coins or do eenie, meenie, miney, mo.

The player in square A stands in the triangle part of his square closest to the outside and serves by bouncing the ball on the ground once.

She then underhand hits the ball with one or two hands into another square.

The other player must let the ball bounce once before he can hit it, underhanded, into a different square.

Play continues until an out is made and the players have to change squares.

An out can occur when a ball bounces on a line, goes out of the playing area, a ball is hit with a fist or anything other than open palms, is not returned after one bounce, or going over the serving line while serving.

The player who made the out must leave the playing area if other kids are waiting to play. If there are only the 4 players, he must go to square D.

The other players move to their right. Example, the player in square C moves to square B.

The server stays in square A unless she made the out.

If the player in square D makes the out, he stays where he is and so does everyone else.

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