Football Punting

The football punting activity is one of the cool football games for kids and picnic games.

Kick up them heels and see how far your ball goes as you try to outscore the opposite team.

Before the Fun

8 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: football or soccer ball, chalk or sticks


Make 2 goal lines about 40 feet apart.

Kids are divided up into 2 teams with an equal number of players. Each team lines up behind a different goal line, in a row.

The play begins with one player kicking the ball towards the other team.

She has to drop the ball from her hands and kick it before it hits the ground. The ball is not kicked from on the ground.

A point is scored if a kicker can kick the ball over the other team and over their goal line.

If her kick doesn't go over the other team's line, that team gets one point.

The other team can also receive points if they catch a ball being kicked to them.

The Finale

The other team then kicks and play continues until a specific time is up or until one team reaches a preset number of points and wins.

If a time is set, the team with the most points after the time is reached is the winner.

Each child on the team should get a chance to kick at least one time.

For smaller teams, you can play as many rounds as it takes to let each child kick the ball two or three times.

If younger kids are playing, you can even use a kickball as that will probably be easier for little kids to kick.

Join in with your kids and see who can kick the ball the farthest - you or your children.

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