Follow The Leader

Follow The Leader is one of the fun imagination games - and great playground games - for kids.

Little kids have been playing this for years!

Ask your grandparents if they played this when they were youngsters.

This strengthens kids concentration, listening and observation skills.

They have to mimic another player's actions. If they don't, they're out of the round!

Play close attention, or you could get tripped up and won't be the winner.

Playgrounds are a perfect place to play this, especially if there are swings, sliding boards or monkey bars for the leader to play on.

The more things kids can do, the more fun this will be.

Before You Play

3 or more players
Ages 3 and up


Begin by choosing one player as the leader. The other players get in line, single file, behind her.

The leader begins by doing whatever she wants - walking, skipping, hopping, running - and the other players have to imitate what she is doing.

If a player doesn't do what the leader is doing, he is out of the round.

The Finale

The winner is the last player remaining. He then becomes the new leader.

If you're not playing for a winner, each child should be given the chance to be the leader.

Set a time limit. Once that is up, the next child will be the leader.

If you're playing this in a preschool or daycare class - or at a summer camp - with a larger group of kids, you can break the kids down into two separate groups.

Two smaller groups allow each child to more closely follow his leader, and will give each child in the separate groups a chance to be the leader.

Have fun with this play idea and being with your friends.

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