Find a Word

Find a Word is one of the cool kids word games and letter games.

It is also one of the fun birthday party ideas for kids.

You can play these at holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Hanukkah and use only words that pertain to that holiday.

These are great fun for anytime and anywhere!

Let your kids learn new words and use old words to fill in the spaces in the boards!

It's fun to make your own play ideas with the kids!

Homemade are more fun as the children get involved in the preparation before play begins.

Get Started

2 or more players
Ages 9 and up
Need pencils and paper


Begin by having each player draw a big square. Divide this square into 5 squares going across and 5 squares going down as illustrated below.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Each player then calls out a letter which everyone writes down in one of his squares. Players can put the letter in whichever square they choose.

Players must try and form as many words as they can from the called out letters, avoiding names of people, places and things if possible.

If you want to include these to make the game a bit easier, that's fine.

You may also then choose a theme for each round.

For example - flowers, music, musical instruments, food, sports teams, cities or states.

Play continues until all squares are filled in with letters.

You can limit the number of times a letter is called out to 2 or 3.

Once all squares are filled, players circle their words.

One point is given for each letter in every word a player has circled. The player with the most points is the winner.

If a player has a 5 letter word, you can decide to award more points for that.

Words with five letters are the most difficult, so anyone who gets 3 or more 5 letter words should get bonus points!

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