Fifty is one of the fun dice games for kids and cool activities to play.

It's all about doubles!

That's all that counts, so forget about singles!

Get your play face on and see if you can beat your friends.

Two sixes in a row is all you need to win.

But it's not that easy!

The goal is to roll doubles and get to 50 points.

This very fun activity is unpredictable!

You think you're going to win, but then . . . well, you'll see!

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages: 5 and up
Need pencil, paper, dice

You're Off!

Begin with each player rolling one die. The player with the highest number goes first. She throws both dice on the table.

If she gets 2 of a kind, she gets points. If no 2 of a kind, no points are given.

Play continues with each player taking a turn rolling the dice.

The winner is the player who reaches 50 points first.


Double 1's, 2's, 4's, and 5's are worth 5 points.

Double 6's receive 25 points.

Double 3's are what players want to avoid. They wipe out the player's score to 0, and she has to start over.

A player can be close to 50 points and then roll two 3's, and his score goes back to 0!

Other players can be behind in the round and roll two 6's, get 25 points, and be right back in the play!

And, if you roll two 6's two times in a row, you've reached 50 points!

That doesn't happen too often, though! So don't count on the round being over in a few rolls!

You may also go 2, 3 or 4 turns without rolling any doubles at all! Hang in there, you'll get them!

Want to play again?

Play backwards to 0. The player who reaches 0 first is the winner.

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