Favorite Cars

Favorite Cars is one of the fun car games and interactive games for kids.

Pick your favorite color and see how many you can spot.

Before You Play

2 or more players
Ages: 5 and up
Need pencil and paper

Have Fun!

Players begin by choosing a make and model of car.

Younger kids can play by only choosing a color of a car. No 2 players can have the same car or color.

Players look at oncoming and passing cars, trying to find the one they picked.

When a player sees his car, he shouts it out and gets one point.

A new round then begins and players choose a new car and color, or just a color for young kids.

Players can play for a preset time or for a preset number of rounds.

You can also break down into teams and play. A team can have the same car, or each player on the team can choose his own car.

Or just choose colors of cars. Each team picks one color.

The winner is the player with the highest score after a set time has elapsed or the player who has the highest score after a specified number of rounds has been played.

Parents, challenge the kids to this. Make a fun bet like whoever finds the most colors or makes of the car they choose does dishes that night.

Or the winner gets to pick a place where the family will go for ice cream that night.

It's interesting to see the different colors of cars on the road. Are you brave enough to choose a color that isn't that popular?

Or will you stick with silver, gold or white? Or, switch the colors up after each round.

By choosing makes of cars, you'll all have a better chance of winning!

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