Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves is one of the fun preschool kids games and kids learning games.

Fall is a beautiful time of year and perfect for playing matching activities with your kids.


2 or more players
Ages: 2 - 5


On a beautiful autumn day, take the kids outside while you rake the leaves. Let them help you rake them and gather them up in a pile.

Have your child choose one leaf and then tell him to find a leaf that resembles the first one as closely as possible.

This allows your child to play detective, go through piles of leaves and search for similar shapes and colors.

As an added bonus, he'll help you gather the fall leaves and learn the importance of teamwork.

This activity is fun because it's not easy to find two similar leaves. They may look alike at first glance but when you look closely at them you'll see that they vary in color and shape.

Explain to your child why leaves turn colors and fall off of trees.

Look at one leaf together and pick out all the colors that you see. Can you see the separations in the colors or do they blend together?

Are there two colors overlapping that form a new color? What is that color?

As an extra bonus, let your child collect as many colors as he can find then tape them on construction paper to make a fall collage.

And, kids will be kids, so let them jump and play in the pile of leaves that you just raked up!

Food Game

One of the fun cooking and discovery activities for young kids.

Before You Begin

Ages: 2 - 5
Need snack mix, 2 bowls


Put some snack mix in one of the bowls. Pick out 4 different items from the snack mix and place them in the other bowl.

Your child then has to pick 3 more of each of the items you have placed in her bowl. When she's done, she can have her snack.

This helps kids recognize colors and shapes. As an added bonus you can tell her what each piece is as she sorts through the bowl.

You can subtract the items, too, by telling them to take away five from the total items that they have.

As they put them back in the bowl, have them count to five. Then have them go back to their items and count these. They will have five.

Tell them that 10 minus 5 equals 5. Or 4 minus 1 equals 3 or 6 minus 2 equals 4.


Older kids can count higher so you can tell them to pick out anywhere from 5 to 10 items.

You can also describe the different shapes to your child. Show her what a square looks like.

Find a rectangular shaped food piece and explain what it is. Describe a circle and let him find a food piece shaped like that.

After all his hard work, let him enjoy eating all the items he has placed on his side of the table!

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