Egg Toss

Egg Toss is one of the fun outdoor games for kids and party games for kids.

While eating eggs in a variety of ways (fried, scrambled, hard boiled or poached) is good, kids can have fun playing with them, too!

This is definitely an outdoor activity!

If the egg drops and cracks it's a bit of a mess, so make sure to play it outside!

The kids should wear clothing that is play casual. They won't mind getting a bit of goo on their clothes!

This can get a little messy so if you have younger kids playing you may want to get different colored plastic eggs.

They may be easier for younger kids to handle and you won't have eggy, sticky children to clean up!

Before You Begin

4 or more players
Ages: 8 and up
Need eggs


Divide the kids up into teams of 2. Each team's players stand facing their partners 3 feet apart.

One player on each team gets an egg. An adult calls out "1, 2, 3, go!" and the players with the eggs toss them to their partners.

If the partner catches it, she steps back then tosses it back to her partner.

If she doesn't catch it, both players on the team are out of the game.

Play continues with the players, throwing, catching, taking a step back then throwing again.


The winning team is the last team standing with an intact egg. Good luck as you try to beat the others!

Teach older kids that it's best to gently catch the egg by cupping their two hands together.

Kids attempting to catch it baseball style free handed will find a gooey mess awaiting them!

Whatever eggs the kids choose - plastic or real - this fun activity gets kids up and moving!

Enjoy playing with your friends!

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