Egg Race

The Egg Race is one of the fun kids outdoor party games and outdoor relay games.

You can use uncooked eggs or hard boiled eggs depending on the amount of mess you want!

You can even use the plastic Easter eggs that come in a variety of colors!

Younger kids may want plastic eggs.

No chance of getting goo on themselves!

Parents may like that idea, too!

This is a great picnic activity when you have lots of room!

If anything gets dropped, it won't be a mess to clean up at a picnic!


6 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: 2 eggs, spoon for each player, chalk or sticks for making lines


Begin with making starting and finish lines 20 feet apart. You can go up to 30 feet if you want.

Divide the players up into 2 teams with equal number of players. Players line up behind the starting line.

The first player in line on each team is given a spoon. At, "Ready, Set, GO!", the first players pick up an egg using only their spoons and one hand.

They run as quickly as they can, while being careful not to drop their eggs, to the finish line where they turn around and come back to the starting line.

Once back to the starting line, he takes his egg off his spoon with his hand and puts it on the spoon of the next runner.

If an egg is dropped and is raw, it will need to be replaced.

If it's hard boiled, the player picks it up using only his spoon and continues on.

The first team to return all its eggs wins.

For a more challenging idea, have the players put one hand behind their backs as they are running the race.

Or have them run backwards! This takes a lot of concentration and coordination!

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