Duck Duck Goose

Duck Duck Goose is one of the fun circle games and preschool games for kids.

A fun children's activity for young kids that's been played in generations of families.

This play idea is also good for preschool classes, Sunday school classes and summer or week-long camps.

Kids like the action activity, and it gets them up and moving.

This is one of the easy kid activities that's been around a long time.

Pass it down to your kids, and they will pass it down to theirs.

Kids need to get up and moving and have fun with friends.


6 or more players
Ages 3 and up


Begin by having the players - except one - sit down in a circle, crossing legs or not crossing legs, whatever is comfortable.

Decide before the round starts which way it will be.

The player not sitting walks around the circle, on the outside, tapping each player on the head and saying, "duck".

She can say "duck" to each player as long as she wants, but then she'll say, "goose" while touching a player's head.

This player has to stand up and chase the leader around the circle.

Get a good start before the leader gets back to your space!

If the leader gets to the "goose's" empty spot first, without being tagged, she sits down and the "goose" becomes the new leader.

If the leader is tagged by the goose, then she still remains the leader while the goose takes his empty spot back.


You may also play this by allowing each child to be the leader.

Also try and make sure that each child gets to be the goose, too.

You can set a time limit, too, or choose a set number of rounds.

Have fun playing this with your friends.

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