Drop the Handkerchief

Drop the Handkerchief is great for recess games and preschool games. It's one of the easy children's activities to learn and play.

This is a fun children's play idea for younger kids that gets them moving and improves their concentration skills.

A fun classic, kids can ask their parents about playing this when they were young.

Kids need to be faster than "it" or he'll take their place in the circle.


6 or more players
Ages 3 and up
Need - bandanna or tissue


Begin by having all the players stand in a circle and hold hands. One player is "it".

You can play rock, paper, scissors to see who that is, or one of the kids can volunteer.

Carrying a bandanna or tissue, "it" walks around the outside of the circle.

The following should be sung:

"A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket.
I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I lost it.
A little kid picked it up and put it in his pocket."

While singing and walking, "it" has to drop the bandanna behind one of the players.

The other players have to be aware of where he is and where he drops the bandanna.

When a player is aware the bandanna has been dropped behind her, she takes off after "it" and tries to tag him.

"It" is trying to run around the circle and take her place.

If she does tag him, she goes back to her place. If she doesn't, she is the new "it" and the old "it" takes her place.


You can also change this around a bit and allow each of the kids to be "It".

Ask the kids what they would like to do.

Play as long as the kids want to.

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