Dots Game

Dots Game is a fun children's activity.

It's a two player game and one of the fun inside games for kids.

Before You Begin

2 players
Ages: 8 and up
Need pens and paper


Two different color pens are needed. Each player gets a pen.

Begin by making rows of dots on paper. One player, using his blue pen, draws 5 dots across in a row.


Use whatever paper you have around the house. 8" x 11" paper works best.

Use notebook paper, or use plain white paper that you have in your printer.

An alternative is to go to the dollar store and purchase graph paper.


The other player, using his black pen, draws a row of 6 dots, going across, below the first player's blue dots.

His dots go between the dots of the first player. His first dot starts to the left of the first player's first dot.

Player # 1 then draws another row of 5 blue dots below the 6 black dots.

Then the 2nd player draws 6 black dots below the 5 blue dots.

This continues until there is a total of 6 rows of the first player's blue dots and 5 rows of the 2nd player's black dots.

drawing lines between blue and black dot

The player with the blue pen needs to connect dots in a line from the top to the bottom of the grid.

The player with the black pen needs to connect dots to form a line across the grid.

Each player takes a turn drawing a line. Lines cannot cross over the other player's line, or go back from the way it came.

A new line may be started whenever a player feels the need to.

The Finale

The player who draws his line first is the winner.

This sounds easy but it's not! You won't be able to just draw a line straight across as the other player can block you.

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