Dots and Boxes

Dots and Boxes is one of the fun car and strategy games for kids and fun mind games.

Get out the paper and start having loads of fun!

Notebook paper will work, or you can raid the printer for some unlined white paper.

Don't want to draw your own dots?

Head to the discount store to get inexpensive graph paper.

This is a fun activity for long car rides.

Kids will need a book or magazine to write on.

The object is to make as many boxes as possible - while having loads of fun!

Before the Fun

2 players
Ages: 7 and up
Need pencils and paper


Players make a grid with dots.

Depending on the age of the players, they can draw 16 dots, 4 dots across and 4 up and down rows, or as many as 10 across and 10 up and down rows.

A player begins by drawing a line and connecting 2 dots that are by each other, either across or up and down.

No diagonal lines are allowed.

Players take turns drawing lines, trying to form boxes.

When a box is formed, the player writes his first name initial in the box.

make boxes by connecting dots

That player then goes again since he completed a box. When he cannot complete any more boxes, the next player goes.

When all boxes have been formed, the player with the most number of boxes wins.

This activity has been around for ages! It's fun to play, simple to set up and doesn't cost a lot of money!

It makes you think, is challenging but is not too difficult to play.

To make it even more challenging, once all boxes have been formed, turn them into triangles!

Just draw a diagonal line through the boxes. See how many triangles you can make. The player with the most is the overall winner.

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