Donkey Game

Donkey game is one of the silly games kids will love.

Get ready for lots of fun, loads of laughter and just being silly around your friends.


3 - 13 players
Ages 5 - 9

Need standard deck of cards
Small items (buttons, pennies, candy) one less than the number of players
Paper and pencils to keep score


The object is to be the first player to get 4 matching cards.

Begin by pulling 4 cards of the same value out of the deck for each player.

For 3 players, use queens, kings and aces. Then place the small items in the middle.

Next, each player picks a card.

The highest card holder shuffles and deals the cards face down, one at a time, with each player getting 4 cards.

After looking at their cards, each player discards one card, passing it, face down, to the player on his left.

Very quickly, each player looks at the new card and decides whether to keep it or give it away.

Each player again, passes a card to the player on her left.

Once a player has 4 matching cards, he lays his cards face down on the table and takes one of the small items in the middle.

When the other players see a player pick up an item, they have to put down their cards as quickly as possible and hurry and pick an item as well.

Whoever does not have an item loses that hand. The loser deals the next hand.

When a player loses a round, she receives a letter in the word "donkey", beginning with the "d".

The first player who spells "donkey" loses and has to "hee haw" 3 times.

This is where the laughter comes in. It IS pretty funny!

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