Dodge Ball

Dodge Ball is one of the fun gym games for kids and playground games.

This has been played everywhere for years!

School playgrounds, school gymnasiums, streets, alleys, sidewalks and yards.

It's a timeless classic that you will pass down to your kids.

Use a soft ball. Don't allow kids to throw the ball hard or aim above the waist.

Safety should be the main concern. Someone could very easily get hurt if the ball is thrown too hard.

So caution the kids not to play mean!


8 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: kick ball


If playing in a gym or playground, players can stand against a wall or fence.

If playing outside, you can make a court with chalk on pavement or sticks on grass.

Make a line in the center of the playing area.

Divide the players up into 2 teams. Each team stands on opposite sides of the middle line.

If teams don't divide up evenly, the odd player can choose which side to be on.

One player gets the ball and throws it at another player, hoping to hit him.

If a player is hit, he is out of that round and stands at the sidelines.

But if the target catches the ball, the thrower is out for that round.

If the ball hits the ground and bounces and then hits someone, it doesn't count. The ball cannot touch the ground.

Whoever gets the ball on the other team becomes the new thrower and he aims for someone on the opposite team.

Players cannot cross the center line or step out of the side boundaries. If they do, they are out.


Play continues until one team is totally eliminated and the other team wins.

Have fun trying to beat out your friends!

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