Dodge Ball Game

The dodge ball game is one of the fun team games and recess games.

This activity is a very popular play idea for playing in gymnasiums in gym class or on breaks outside on the playground.

It's been played for a lot of years.

Ask your parents and grandparents how often they played it!

It's good to give the computer a rest, unplug the videos, and get outside with your friends.

Use a soft ball and instruct children not to throw hard or above the waist.

Teach sportsmanship at a young age.

Before You Start

8 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: kick ball


Begin by having the players divide into two teams with the same number of players.

If you have an odd number of players, let the extra person be inside the circle.

One team forms a circle while the other team stands inside the circle.

The players in a circle get the ball and one player tries to hit a player in the center.

The players in the center do all they can to avoid being hit by the ball!

If a player is hit by the ball, he joins the circle and becomes a thrower. Balls that hit the ground before touching a player do not count.

If a player in the middle catches the ball, he is safe.

If more than one player are hit by the ball, the first player hit is out and joins the circle.

Play continues until only one player is in the center.

He's the winner.

For the next round, the throwers and middle players change it up. Good luck!

This activity can get carried away and the ball can be thrown hard.

Instruct the kids NOT to do this as someone could get hurt.

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