Diving Games

Diving games are fun kids summer outdoor games and agility games.

Cool off on a warm day by inviting your friends over to play fun water games together.

Adult supervision is needed for this.

Young kids, non swimmers and weak swimmers should not play. This is played in deep water.

Only older kids and kids who are very strong swimmers should play.

It's best to only let kids who are nine years of age and older play.

Kids can decide if they want to compete as teams or not. If they do, divide them into 2 teams with the same number of players.

The Pre-Show

6 or more players
Ages: 9 and up
Need objects such as coins, poker chips or marbles, and stopwatch


The adult leader throws the treasure into the pool.

Good ideas are coins, marbles, and poker chips.

Objects need to be able to be seen at the bottom of the pool.

They should be big enough so that they will be easy to pick up in the water.

If teams are competing, 2 of the same object needs to be thrown in.

At the sound of "go!", the first player (s) dives or jumps into the water to retrieve the treasure.

When he gets it, he swims back to the surface. The adult leader records how long it took him to do that.

Play continues with each player diving (or jumping) into the water and then retrieving the treasure.


The winner is either the team who retrieved the treasure the fastest (add all the individual swimmer's times together on the team) or the player who retrieved the treasure the fastest (if playing individually).


You can also use waterproof toys or trinkets.

Each player can then keep what he retrieves.

Good luck and have loads of fun!

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