Diving Game

The diving game is one of the fun outdoor activities for children, games for teens and kids water games.

Those hot days of summer are perfect for activities that kids can play in water.

This fun swimming pool play idea lets kids get into a friendly competition.

Gather your friends, cool off and have fun while you are doing it.


2 or more players
Ages: 9 and up


Adult supervision is needed for kids to play this. The deep end of your pool should be 8 feet or more.

Young children and weak and non swimmers should not play, only strong swimmers and kids who can dive should play.

Limit the kids to the age group of nine years old and above.


Have the kids line up at the deep end of the swimming pool, out of the water. Make sure no other kids are in the pool.

The first player begins by diving into the pool. She then swims underwater as long as she can before she has to come up for air.

Be sure to have a way of marking where each child swims to.

Play continues with the next player diving then swimming underwater as far and long as she can.

And . . .

When each player has had a chance to dive, the winner is the player who swam underwater the farthest.

You can play as many rounds as you want to. Let a different child start each round.

Try to play enough rounds so that every kid has a chance to be the first swimmer.


You can also play this in teams of two.

The team that swims the farthest as a team is the winner.

Each player will swim one at a time.

Once the first player is done swimming then his partner goes.

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