The whole family will enjoy this fun brain and word play. Grab your dictionary!

This lets kids (and parents!) stretch their imaginations and make realistic words from nonsense!

Have some fun together, laugh together and decide if what you're hearing is a real word or not! Fun!

This is one of the fun brain games and teen games.

The goal is to make up definitions for little known words so that other players believe it is the real definition.

If you're a good actor, you should be good at this!

Have a great time playing and seeing if you can win!

Get Ready

4 or more players
Ages: teenagers
Need pencils and paper


Begin with a player picking out a little known word.

He tells the other players the word, and they write it down.

He then writes the real meaning down on a piece of paper.

The other players write down what they think is a definition for that word.

The more official sounding the definition, the more other players are likely to believe the definition is true.

Have some fun with this, too! Some of the definitions are sure to make the other players laugh!

Players then write their first names on their papers with their definitions and give them to the player who picked the word.

That player also includes his real definition among the other players' papers.

He then reads all the players definitions out loud (his, too!).

The players then decide, one at a time, which one is the real meaning of the word.

Any player who guesses the correct meaning gets one point. If a player with a non-true definition gets a vote, he gets 3 points for fooling them.

And if the real definition is not voted for, the person who chose the word gets 5 points.

The winner is the first player to reach 25 points.

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