Dice Baseball

Dice Baseball is one of the fun memory and baseball games, and addition games for kids.

Who says baseball has to be played outside with a baseball and a bat?!

You'll find out that it doesn't!

Enjoy a really fun activity of baseball indoors!

Yes, inside!

Leave your sports equipment at home, and have fun with your friends.

This fun play idea doesn't need very much room, and parents won't have to worry about anything breaking!

Can't get much better than that!

Before You Begin

2 players
Ages: 9 and up
Need dice, pencil, paper, coins or buttons


Tape together 2 or 3 sheets of paper to draw the baseball diamond on.

If you have white, unlined paper you can use that.

If not, tear a few sheets from your school notebook.

Mark these home plate, 1st, 2nd, then 3rd bases.

This activity has 9 innings and players compete to score as many home runs as they can.

Players roll one die and highest number goes first.

He rolls 2 dice and adds these numbers together.

He then proceeds as follows, placing a coin or button on the appropriate base (unless he has an out):

2 = home run
3 = triple
4 = single
5 = out
6 = out
7 = out
8 = walk
9 = out
10 = single
11 = double
12 = home run

When a player gets 3 outs, his turn is over. After the other player gets 3 outs, the play goes into the next inning.

The Finale

After 9 innings, the player with the most runs is the winner.

It can be a long one, depending on the number of kids who are playing.

This is not only fun, but kids can hone their math skills as they add up their points for each inning.

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