Crayon Colors

Crayon Colors is one of the fun toddler activities, preschool learning games and educational kids games.

Kids love to learn colors and with a pack of crayons there's lots of opportunities to learn.


Ages 2 - 5
Need: crayons


Ask him why sea green is called that, or robin's egg blue, red orange and pink flamingo.

green, red, purple, orange and blue crayons

Ask him what he thinks a good name would be for each crayon and how he came up with that name.

Maybe pine green could be called tree green, or desert sand could be called beach sand.

Ask him to name things that are specific to the basic colors - a brick is red, grass is green.

Eyes are blue, hair is brown, a crow is black.

Clouds are white. Snow is white and marshmallows are white.

The sun is yellow, an orange is orange. Apples are red and blueberries are a deep blue color.

Crayons come in so many different colors!

Have your child draw a picture using 5 different colors.

How many more colors are left in the box? A lot!

Have him pick out all the shades of one color. He can draw a complete picture with just those!

What crayon colors make him happy? Why?

What colors does he think could be left out of the box? Are there two colors that are very similar?

Let him draw with the two similar colors to see if he can see differences in them.

What about white? What does white look like on various shades of paper? It looks quite different!

Fun Food Game

One of the educational, indoor, interactive and preschool learning activities for kids.

Before You Start

Ages 2 - 5
Need: different foods or snacks, 3 paper plates


Set out 3 paper plates, then find 3 foods that have different tastes to them.

Use potato chips or pretzels for salty, a slice of lemon for sour, strawberries for sweet.

You can also use peanuts as a salty food and candy as a sweet food if you have those at home.

Let your child eat one item from each plate. After she's done eating it, ask her to explain what it tasted like.

Help her describe each item so she understands what the different taste words mean.

Then ask her to find the sweet, salty or sour item once you've described the words to her.

Let your child cook with you, too. When you put a pinch of salt in explain that salt gives the food a salty taste.

A squeeze of lemon over fish gives the food a more sour taste against the taste of the fish.

Explain how sugar goes into cakes and cookies to give them a sweeter and not salty or sour flavor.

Explain how substituting salt for sugar would give the cookies a different taste. Probably a bad taste and noone would eat them!

Talk about how different pretzels would be if they were coated with salt. Or how chips would turn into a dessert if they were loaded with sugar!

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