Crab Soccer

Crab Soccer is one of the fun outdoor games for kids and agility games that require good balance and strength.

This activity is best played on grass.

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages 7 and up
Need: soccer ball or kick ball, sticks


Make a playing field about 10 feet square with sticks. Place 2 sticks in the ground at each end zone, 4 feet apart, to mark the goal lines.

Divide the kids up into 2 equal teams. If only 2 players are playing, no teams are needed.

Do a coin toss to decide who gets the ball first.

The players get into the crab position (lay on your back and then lift yourself up with your hands and feet) in the middle of the field.

The players walk on their hands and feet.

Breaks can be taken every few minutes if a player gets tired.

The player with the ball kicks or passes it to a teammate. Once the ball has been passed, the opposing team can try and intercept it.

Players cannot use their hands to pass the ball as they need their hands to walk on. Legs are the main thing here.

The object is to get the ball in between the sticks of the opposing team to score a goal and get one point.

When a team scores a goal, play starts over again in the middle and the opposing team now has the ball.

If a player misses the goal, the opposing team now gets the ball.

If a ball goes out of bounds, the team who didn't touch the ball last now gets the ball.

If a player touches an opposing team player, she fouls and the opposing team gets the ball.

Since play is challenging in the crab position, you can set a time limit and the team with the most points at the end of the elapsed time wins.

Or you can set 2 five minute playing periods and whoever has the highest number of points wins.

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