Crab Race

The Crab Race is one of the fun outdoor games for kids and cool relay games.

This game should be played on the grass.

There should be enough players to have at least 3 kids on a team.

This strength activity isn't quite so easy!

It takes muscle coordination to be able to crawl like that for a total of 30 feet!

It may be awkward for the kids at first but once they get the hang of it they'll be able to crawl faster and faster.

They'll have a great time laughing with their friends.

The Pre-Show

6 or more players
Ages 7 and up
Need: sticks for making lines


Begin by making a starting line and a finish line 15 or 20 feet apart.

For younger kids, go with the shorter distance. Older kids can go the longer distance.

Players divide up into teams.

The first player on each team, lays on her back and raises herself up on her feet and hands, body off the ground. This is the crab position.

The leader shouts out, "Ready, set, GO!" and the first player on each team has to crab crawl sideways towards the finish line.

At the finish line, she turns around and races back to cross the starting line.

The next player then crawls the same way to the finish line and back to the starting line. Then the next player goes.


Play continues until all team members have crawled their way back to cross the starting line and win.

For young kids, you can make the finish line 10 feet.

That way it's only a total of 20 feet for them and not 30 feet.

Or, have the kids crawl to only one end and another child start the race from there.

That way, the kids aren't crawling up and back.

Let the children decide if they want to play one way or mix it up a bit.

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