Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers is one of the fun hide and seek games and outdoor games for kids.

Kids will love to put their pretend caps on as they are either the good or the bad guys.


6 or more players
Ages: 7 and up


Divide the kids into 2 teams with the same number of players. One team is cops and the other is robbers.

If an odd number of kids are playing, you can choose to have one team with more kids or let one of the kids choose to sit out one round.

The child who sits out will be on a team in the next round.

A jail is then picked. Good ideas are trees, fences, or porches.

If you have to play this inside, a basement or big closet are good choices.

The cops hang out by the jail, close their eyes and count to 50. The robbers hide while they count.

After the cops are done counting, they seek out the robbers. When they find one, he is tagged and is captured.

The robber is then brought to jail.

He has to stay in jail until one of his fellow robbers comes to jail and tags it.

If he does that without being tagged by a cop, all the robbers can leave jail. They're still out of the game and cannot rehide.

The round ends when all robbers have been captured.

The players in jail are added up.

A new round begins with the teams switching roles. Cops in the previous round are now robbers, and robbers are now cops.

Play continues with cops capturing robbers and robbers going to jail.

Once this round is over, the robbers in jail are added up.

The End

The winner is the team who captured the most players and remained in jail.

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