Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots is one of the fun brain games and fun driving games for kids.

You can buy graph paper fairly inexpensively at a dollar store or at a discount store.

Or, you can use notebook or copy/printer paper that you already have at home.

Before You Begin

2 or more players
Ages: 8 and up
Need pencils and paper


The object is to avoid making a box! Yes, that's correct! You do NOT want to make a box!

Begin by making 100 dots on paper, 10 going across, and 10 up and down rows.

One player goes first, drawing a line between 2 dots that are by each other.

Lines must be across or up and down. No diagonal lines are allowed.

The next player goes. He has to connect one end of the first player's line to another dot.

Play continues in this manner. The line starts to look like a snake!

lines connecting the dot

Lines can't cross over each other, and players try to avoid forming a box.

The player who has no moves left but to make a box, is the loser.

You can also play to fill up the whole sheet with boxes. The winner will be the player who made the LEAST amount of boxes.

You can play a set number of rounds to see who is the overall winner.

More Ways for Fun

Kids can play this in the car when going on a trip, at home or at a picnic.

It starts out easy enough, but once a lot of lines are drawn you'll see it's not so easy to NOT make a box!

Have fun with this! Why not play kids versus parents and see who wins!

You can also play this with 4 players.

Have 2 kids on a team. They take turns drawing lines.

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