Concentration Science Game

The concentration science game is one of the easy science experiments and games that kids can play any time.

You're going to see if you have good concentration and coordination!


You can either stand up or sit down, whichever is more comfortable.

Take one hand and put it on your head. Take your other hand and put it on your stomach.

Begin by patting your head and rubbing your stomach in a circular motion.

See how long you can do this before you start performing one action twice!

Switch up after a minute and rub your head while you pat your stomach.

See how long you can do each separate action before it turns into one!


Definitely try this concentration science game with your classroom. It doesn't even have to be science class!

It takes a tremendous amount of concentration to continue doing those two moves correctly.

You can even make this into a competition for younger students. Split the kids up into teams with an equal number of children on each team.

At "go", have the kids pat their heads and rub their bellies for 15 seconds. Any student(s) who can't do this are out.

The next round, have the children rub their heads and pat their bellies for 15 seconds. Any child who gets mixed up is out!

The winning team will have the most kids left after a certain number of rounds are played.

You can also have the kids play one on one. After each round one child is eliminated. Play will continue until one child is left.

Have fun with the concentration science game!

Fingerprint Experiment

Learn you're one of a kind with this experiment.

Before You Begin

Need: pencil, 2 sheets of computer paper (white), tape and a magnifying glass


Make sure the pencil has a point. Rub the pencil back and forth over the sheet of paper until you have a nice layer.

Rub one finger across the pencil marking until your finger is coated.

Get an adult to tear off a piece of tape and stick it on your finger where it's coated.

After about 5 seconds, remove the tape and put it on the other sheet of paper.

Underneath the tape, write what hand and finger this was taken from.

Repeat until you have all of your fingerprints on the paper. There should be 5 from your left hand and 5 from your right.

Grab the magnifying glass and examine what makes you unique!

You should see that each finger has the same pattern on it.

Noone else will have this pattern. Just you!

Parents, have some wet wipes handy to wipe off their fingers once your child is done playing!


This a fun experiment to do in class.

Kids love learning what makes them unique. This experiment will prove that each kid is definitely unique!

Let the kids hang these up if they want to. If done in school, let the kids take them home for their parents to see.

Cornstarch Game


Need: one cup of cornstarch, a large bowl, one spoon, 1/4 cup water.


Place the cornstarch into the bowl. Add the 1/4 cup of water.

You may need more water, you'll know when you're mixing it up.

Using the spoon, mix the ingredients up until you have a fairly thick paste. Add more water if you need to.

Once it's in paste form, go ahead and play!

Put your hand in the bowl and knead the mixture, shape it into a ball. It should become firm.

Hit the ball with your spoon. The ball should feel hard.

Stop kneading and let it rest in your hands. It should start turning softer, more like the original cornstarch.

If doing this experiment at home, it may get a little messy so keep some paper towels nearby.

This teaches kids about the various consistencies of objects.

Have your child make something with the formed dough. Try something easier like a snowman.

Have your child make 3 balls of different sizes and stack them on top of each other.

Wait a few minutes, up to 10 minutes. What does the snowman look like? What about after 10 minutes has passed?

He should start out very firm and then start to lose his firmness, much like a snowman who starts to melt in the sun!

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