Concentration Card Game

Concentration card game is a memory and observation game where kids match cards.

How good are you at focusing?! You'll find out as you play this.

This is a fun family activity that can be played over and over again! Kids can also play this alone, too.

Parents can challenge the kids and see who does the best. Play two or three if you want!

Try taking a night off from the computer or television and play this together as a family.

You'll find this a great way to spend an evening with old fashioned fun.

It'll get you laughing together as a family, and you'll even test your memory a bit, too.

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages 5 and up
Need standard deck of cards


Begin by laying all cards face down, side by side in even rows in a rectangle shape.

You can play on the floor or on a table, whichever is more comfortable.

For the same number of cards in each row, remove 3 twos and make 7 rows of 7 cards in a square shape.

However, one card will be left at the end of play.

Each player takes a turn and flips two cards over trying to find two cards that match in value (for example, 2 fives) - suit doesn't matter.

If she finds two matching cards, she keeps them and goes again. If the cards are not a match, she turns the cards face down and the next player goes.


Watch which cards are revealed and where they are in the rows of cards.

This will help you find a match! The winner is the one with the most pairs.

Play as many times as you like. You'll get addicted to discovering where two matches are.

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