Colorful Collage

Make a colorful collage, a fun activity for learning colors.

This is one of the fun toddler craft ideas, halloween kids games and Christmas activities for kids.

Kids love to make a home made collage!

They can put their favorite pictures onto paper and have a keepsake to stare at for a long time!

This is a good activity for Halloween and Christmas.

Use fliers in the newspaper to find different colored costumes or Halloween decorations.

Have fun making a colorful collage.

Before You Begin

Ages 2 - 5
Need: construction paper, magazines, 4 crayons, glue


Divide the paper into 4 same size sections. Put a crayon on the end of each section.

Tell your child this is the color she is looking for in that section.

Go through magazines together and let your child find pictures that are the 4 colors of her crayons.

Cut them out for her and let her glue the pictures into each section to make her collage.

At Christmas, go through catalogs to find Christmas gifts, ornaments, trees, gift wrap, toys or ribbons that match up to the 4 colors on your child's paper.

You can do the same for an Easter or Hanukkah colorful collage.

It's neat to put color opposites on the corners of the collage.

Try using blue and green and red and orange. Your kids will see that opposites really do attract and that it turns into a very pretty collage!

Try using red, green, silver and white at Christmas. Use pink, purple, blue and yellow during Easter.

Fall collages could be orange, tan, brown and red. Have fun making a colorful collage.

purple, green, light blue, yellow, rust and pink paper

Home Made Play Dough

Helps your child learn colors.

This is one of the fun craft ideas for preschool, science and preschool kids activities


Ages 2 - 5

Need: 1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of salt
1 cup of water
1 - 2 Tbsp vegetable oil
Food coloring in different colors


Make as many dough balls as you have different food colorings.

Put some food coloring onto each dough ball and knead until the desired color is achieved.

Ask your child what colors the food colorings are. Ask him what else he knows that are that color as you make the dough together.

Let your child mold any shapes he wants. If you have cookie cutters, these are fun for your child to make shapes with.

Why should you make the dough and not just go and buy it? Lots of reasons!

Your child is learning more by making it on his own.

You and your child are bonding and enjoying an activity together. It's fun to create with your child!

And, it's probably cheaper to make your own dough instead of buying it!

Your dough will be unique since you will be using your own food coloring. Your child can pick his favorite colors and have his dough come out that color.

He'll feel a sense of accomplishment that he can make his own playdough!

Have him create an object out of each color of dough. Let him use his imagination. Who says a dog can't be red? Or a cat blue?

Homemade Finger Paint

Make with your child with his favorite colors.

This is one of the fun craft ideas for kids, and learning and toddler activities.

Before You Begin

Ages 2 - 5
Need: 1 cup condensed milk, bowls, food coloring, construction paper


You'll need as many bowls as you have of different food colorings.

Pour an equal amount of the milk into each bowl.

Let your child add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl.

Ask him what color he's using and ask him to name other objects that are that color - or point out objects in the room that are the same color.

Once all bowls have turned color, let him create his work of art on construction paper.

red, pink, peach, purple, blue, green and white kids paints

It's fun to have her put different colors on top of each other to create a new color. See if she knows what the new color is.

Explain how 2 colors create a different color.

Ask him what his favorite new color is. Why does he like it so much?

Can he find anything in the room he's in that is that color?

Have a few different colored sheets of paper handy. Let him paint on each sheet of paper.

Compare how the same colors look different on the different colored paper.

Use darker colors on darker colored paper. See how it blends in and is almost hard to see the paint.

Then use lighter colors on dark paper and see how easy it is to see the paint.

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