Color Easter Eggs

Color Easter eggs together and your child not only has fun but learns, too.

This is one of the fun preschool Easter activities and kids cooking games.

This activity lets your child participate in a holiday ritual as well as helps her learn colors.

As an added bonus, he'll be proud of the egg decorating he has done!

Be sure to praise him on what a wonderful job he has done!

Then you can crack the eggs together and enjoy a delicious snack when Easter day rolls around!

Have fun teaching your child special holiday rituals.

Before Playing

Ages 2 - 5
Need: eggs, egg coloring kit


Once the eggs have boiled and are cool, get the egg coloring kit out and prepare the colors.

Ask your child what each color is.

Help, or let, him take an egg and dip it into various colors. Let him see how 2 colors turn into a new color.

Let him dip his egg into as many colors as he wants to make new colors appear.

See how many new colors he can name on his egg.

If you have a child's paint brush, she can also dip the brush into one color then draw on an egg.

Then she can go to the next color and draw over the design she had made on the egg.

She can get creative and make circles or squares with each one of the colors on the eggs. Have her name the colors as she's coloring the egg.

You can also get stencils to put on the eggs. Help your child decorate with these, too.

Have fun helping to color Easter eggs!

red, yellow, green, tan, purple and turquoise Easter eggs

Colored Rubber Bands

Use these to help your child learn his colors.

This is one of the fun preschool educational games, math games for kids and toddler games.


2 - 5


Toddler activities don't have to be expensive, and this fun learning activity lets kids match similar colors up along with letting them learn math skills.

Put a handful of the bands on the table.

Ask your child to pick out all the blue ones, then green, red and any other colors you may have.

Have him put the same colors in a pile together.

When he's done sorting, see if he can count the number in each pile.

Have him count backwards, too, till he gets to the number one.

green, purple, pink, blue, yellow, orange bands

If you have anything - such as envelopes or cards - that you need to have gumbands around, let your child help you with this.

Let her say what color band she is putting around each object.

If you have different sizes of the bands, talk about what might fit around each size.

Ask him what his favorite colored bands are and why. What are his least favorite colors and why?

If he was a gumband manufacturer what other colors might he add to the mix? What colors would he leave out?

You can also put a stack of gumbands in a pile. Line up 6 on one side and then take two away.

Ask him how many are left! He's now doing subtraction!

You can also do multiplying and dividing with the bands as well.

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