Coin Games

Fun coin games are great kids outdoor party games (or at indoor parties if there's enough room.)


2 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: coins and one plastic drinking cup


For the first activity - coin rolling - place a plastic cup on its side.

It's good to use different coins if you can and allow each player to receive one of each different coin to roll.

Each player kneels on the floor (or sits if he's more comfortable) about 5 feet away from the cup.

He rolls his coin, trying to get it to roll into the cup. If it does, he receives a point.

Each player takes turns rolling his coins.


The winner is the player who reaches the score set at the beginning of the play.

Another Version

For the second one, all that's needed is some pennies (and an outside wall!).

Each player takes a penny and stands 5 feet from the wall.

The first player tosses his coin against the wall and watches where it falls. The penny stays where it's at.

The next player repeats and tosses her coin against the wall.

The object is to cover player # 1's coin.

It doesn't have to cover it completely, just be touching it. If it does touch player # 1's coin, player # 2 takes both coins.

If it does not touch the first coin, both coins are left on the ground. A coin has to touch the wall, if not the player who tossed it gets her coin and loses her turn.

Players continue, one by one, tossing their coins and collecting both coins when their coin touches another coin.

You can decide on a time limit and the player with the most coins at the end of that time period wins.

Or you can choose a number of coins and the first player to reach that number is the winner.

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