Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot is one of the fun guessing games and word games for kids.

It's nice to let kids use their imaginations while at the same time helping them to expand their vocabulary and learn new words.

Kids want fun, and combining fun with guessing and thinking play is what kids also love!

Parents can give their brains a work out as well when they play these as a family.

This is fun played at kids' birthday parties, when traveling in the car, at home when she says she's "bored" or anytime you want your child to learn new words, get away from the computer and away from the television set!

Get Started

2 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: stopwatch


Begin with one player moving away from the other players.

He can go in a different room or put his hand over his ears so he can't hear what the other players are discussing.

The other players will come up with a verb that describes an activity.

Examples - jump, walk, clap, run, shout, etc.

There are a lot of verb words, so use your imagination to come up with some verbs that are out of the ordinary.

The other player comes back and has to guess the verb by asking questions. He uses "coffeepot" in place of the verb.

Example, "Can you coffeepot in the house?" The other players answer yes or no.

Other questions to ask include "in school", "in bed", "in church", "outside", "in the bedroom", "in the bathroom".

If he guesses the word, the player who last answered the question is the next guesser.

If he can't guess the word in a preset amount of time (2 minutes) he has to guess another word.

Play continues for as many rounds as the players want to play.

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