Circle Game

The circle game is one of the fun outdoor and team games for kids.

Another fun activity for younger kids to play.

Younger kids like to be engaged and run around.

This play idea is great for helping them to burn off excess energy.

The person chosen to run has to weave in and out among the other players trying to form an unbroken circle where he cannot be tagged by the player who is "It".

Before You Start

8 or more players
Ages 5 and up


Begin with all players except 2 forming a circle, arm's length apart.

One of the 2 players is "it", the other will run. It and the runner are outside the circle on opposite sides.

At, "GO!", It begins running after the player who's the runner. The runner wants to run in and out between the other players.

When he runs into the circle between two players, the two players he ran between have to hold hands.

Once two players have joined hands, the runner cannot enter into or escape out of the circle between them.

The player who is the chaser has to remain outside the circle.

The Finale

If the runner has run between all the players, and they are all holding hands, he wins.

But if he is tagged before that, he becomes the chaser.

And the old chaser (it) takes his place in the circle while another player becomes the runner.

This isn't as easy as it seem, as you'll find yourself trying to get inside the circle a way you had already gone before.

If the group is smaller, try and leave enough time so that all the kids have a chance to be It or the runner.

If not, the kids who weren't It can be that the next round.

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