Christmas Party Ideas

Plan a fun kids holiday party with some nice Christmas party ideas. Throw a cool party for all of your friends during the holiday season.

The holiday season is a nice time to plan a party and get togethers with friends.

Christmas Party Decorations

Your house will probably be festive with holiday decorations and a tree up. Add some candles around the party room for a warm glow and nice smells.

Christmas Party Food

Christmas party ideas should definitely include home made cookies such as chocolate chip, peanut butter and sugar cookies.

Buy holiday cookie cutters in the shapes of bells, trees, santa and snowmen for a festive look.

Assorted candy and fudge are also good party food. Don't forget the candy canes! The kids can take one home.

A bowl of nachos, chips, cheese curls and pretzels with dip should be added to the food list. For drinks, hot cocoa, apple cider and soda are good choices.

cartoon santa in his red suit by a green tree holding a gold star and blue bag

Pizza goes well at a holiday party. You can make it yourself (let the kids help with the toppings) or order one.

Foot long hoagies are another good choice and can be picked up at a sub shop or grocery store. Cut the hoagie into two inch sections and arrange on a Christmas plate from the dollar store.

Head to your local dollar store for paper plates, cups, napkins (and a table cloth if you don't already have one.)

Christmas Party Invitations

Go to your craft store and pick up some holiday computer paper. Using computer art, let your child design invitations, then print them out on your computer.

Or get Christmas cards, cut them in half and on the back of the picture, write the party details (where it's at, date of the party, time it starts, etc).

Cut each card into 4 or 5 pieces, place these in an envelope and have your child pass them out to his friends who are invited to the party.

The recipients will need to assemble the puzzle to see the party information.

You can also get little Christmas figurines or ornaments at dollar stores. Attach the party details to the figurine. Your child can pass these out.

Or, buy Christmas bags at a dollar or discount store (you can often find small bags for under .50c). On a note card, attach some stickers and the party details. Place the cards in the bags and pass these out to the invitees.

Christmas Party Games For Kids

Fun Christmas activities for kids add some more fun and should definitely be included in Christmas party ideas!

Play musical chairs using Christmas music.

white snowflakes

Then play pin the nose on Rudolph. Using construction paper, draw a reindeer on it. It doesn't have to be perfect! Look at your craft store for ideas. Tape it to a wall at child height.

Using a sheet of red construction paper, cut out enough circles for noses and give one to all the kids. Attach a piece of tape to one end of the nose.

Blindfold the kids using a scarf or bandana, spin them around twice, then set them off in the direction of Rudolph where each child will put his nose where he believes it should go.

The child who is the closest to where the nose should be gets a special prize.

You can also play this by drawing a tree on construction paper, hanging it at child height and cutting stars out of gold construction paper.

Each child will need to try and get his star closest to the top of the tree.

More Christmas Party Ideas For Activities

You can play charades using only words that represent Christmas such as Santa, snowman, Christmas tree.

Play hangman using only words related to Christmas. Or make up scrambled words sheets for each kid before the party. Try and use ten words related to Christmas. Shout out, "ready, set, go!" and whoever unscrambles his words correctly the fastest wins a prize.

Have a card toss. Using Christmas cards, or kids Christmas playing cards that have pictures of different holiday characters, have the kids stand 5 feet from a large pot or basket.

One at a time, each child will toss a card and try to get it into the basket. If he does, he gets his card back. If he misses, he loses that card.

At the end of a specified number of rounds, the child with the most cards is the winner.

If the kids want to get outdoors, go caroling with them! Or if there's snow on the ground, divide the kids into 2 teams and see which team can build a small snowman the fastest.

Enjoy the Christmas party ideas!

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