Christmas Card

Christmas Card is one of the fun indoor and Christmas party games for kids.

You will need one card per child. You can use different cards or the same one for each kid.

If you save old cards, you can use these for the kids to put back together.

Preschool teachers can do this craft in their classes around the holidays.

Kids love assemblying things, especially when it turns into a pretty picture!

If you're having a party at home around the holidays, this is a fun activity to get the kids involved in.

Get everyone in the holiday spirit while having loads of fun.

Before You Start

Ages: 2 - 5
2 or more players


Before the play begins, cut each Christmas card into 4 sections. Cut across, then cut each section up and down for a total of 4 pieces.

Mix each child's cards up, then shout out, "Go!" and let the kids put their puzzles together.

You can name a winner - the child who assembles his puzzle the fastest or give each child a small stocking stuffer toy when everyone is done.

You can use scotch tape to tape the kids' puzzles together when they are finished assemblying them.

They can hang them on the refrigerator over the holidays to proudly display their handiwork.


You can also cut squares of cardboard out and have each child draw a holiday picture on it.

Then cut these up and let them put their own pictures back together!

The kids can trade off and exchange pictures with the other kids.

Coin Game

One of the fun inside, interactive, money and matching games for kids.


Ages: 2 - 5
Need pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters

Ready for Fun

This activity helps kids learn the different shapes, sizes and colors of change.

It lets your child help with sorting coins.

Talk to him about what each coin is worth and what you can or can't buy with one or two of the same coins.

Put a pile of different coins on the table. Start with pennies, then nickles, dimes and quarters.

Let your child pick out all the pennies and place them in one pile, then do the same with the rest of the change.

When he's done, you can wrap them, place them back in your coin jar, or count up all the piles to tell him how much each pile is worth along with the total amount.

If he has a piggy bank, give him some pennies, dimes, nickles and quarters to put into his bank.

Count along with him as your deposit his money into his bank. Give him a grand total of what he has saved and talk about what that amount of money might buy.

Maybe it's a bag of candy. Maybe a toy truck from the dollar store.

Or if has a few dollars he might be able to buy a half dozen donuts for the family's Sunday morning breakfast!

Talk about the various colors of the coins and how some of them have smooth edges while other coins have ridged edges.

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