Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers is one of the fun checkers games and indoor games for kids. It's an easy activity to learn.

These sets can be purchased inexpensively at stores.

They're nice to have on hand, and once the kids get used to playing this it just may become one of their favorites!

Before the Fun

2 - 6 players
Ages: 6 and up
Need checkers set


If only 2 players, they each use their 15 pieces. They fill their triangles with all 15 pieces.

They will play across the board from each other.

Three or More

If there are 3 - 6 players, they use only 10 pieces and don't cover their bottom row of 5 holes.

3 players play on every other triangle, 4 on 2 triangles opposing each other, 5 on 5 triangles and 6 players use the whole board.


Players want to move their pieces into the triangle that's opposite from the triangle they're playing on.

After deciding who goes first, that player moves a piece one space.

He can move forward, backward or diagonal - wherever there is an empty space.

Jumps are allowed, either over the player's own piece or an opponent's piece as long as there is an empty space after the jumped piece.

Unlike regular checkers, when a piece is jumped, it is not captured and taken off the board.

It remains on the board where it was.

Play continues to the left with each player making one move per turn.


The winner is the player who gets all his pieces into the opposite side's triangle.

The pieces need to be arranged how they were in the beginning of the round.

Kids can play as long as they want or set a number of rounds to be played at the start of the round.

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