Chase The Ace

Chase the Ace - but don't be left with the lowest card!

This is a neat play idea for kids, and like other card activities, multi players are needed.

The object of each round is to avoid being left with the lowest card. Kings are high, aces are low.

Before You Begin

5 or more players
Ages 5 and up

Need standard deck of cards and
3 small candies, pennies, buttons or colored paper clips (or whatever kids want to win!) to be used as counters for each player.


Each person picks a card. The one with the highest card deals first. The dealer gives each player three counters.

Each counter is a "life". The dealer shuffles the deck and gives each player one card, face down.

Each player looks at his card and decides whether he wants to keep it.

The player on the dealer's left starts. If he wants to keep his card he says "stand" or "change" if he wants to get rid of the card.

If a player changes his card, he slides it, face down, to the player on his left. That player must exchange cards with the player sliding his card over, unless the card he is holding is a king.

If he has a king, he says "king!" and shows it to everyone. The first player must then change with the next player over.

Changing a card is taking a risk because he can get a lower card (unless he has an ace!).

Once he gets a new card, he looks at it.

If he has an ace, 2 or 3, he has to tell the other players.


In Chase the Ace, the ace is the lowest card and keeps moving around the table.

The player who traded his card decides whether to stand or change with the person to his left. This continues until it is the dealer's turn.

The dealer is the last person in the round and cannot trade her card with anyone.

If the dealer wants to change her card, she puts it in the middle of the deck and chooses a card from the top. She has to show this to the other players.

If the dealer picks a king, she automatically loses the round and one "life" and has to place one counter into the "pot" (the stack of counters in the middle of the table).

After the dealer shows her card, the rest of the players have to turn over their cards.

The person with the lowest card also loses one "life."

If there is a tie for lowest card, both players put a counter in the pot. Then the player on the dealer's left becomes the dealer.

The cards from the last round are added to the bottom of the deck, and another hand is dealt. Any player who loses all his "lives" (counters) is out.

Drum Rolls . . .

The last player to have a counter wins Chase the Ace and collects the rewards.

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