Charades game

Charades game is one of the fun guessing games (and imagination games) kids will love.

Before You Begin

4 or more players
Ages 7 and up
Need: pencils and paper

Ready . . . Go!

Kids charades begins with each player writing words or short phrases on a piece of paper. You can decide to limit the number of categories.

For example, you can have 4 categories which may consist of movies, famous people, animals and books (or any categories you can think of) or one or two categories.

It's a good idea to have each player write his name on his suggestion. That way he can't play that round.

Each player folds his paper up and they are placed in the center of the table (or you can put them in a small bowl). Whoever's paper was drawn will not play the charades game this time.

The player then needs to act out the word or phrase. No talking! She'll let the other players know what category this is.

For example, if the category is a song, she can sing (silently!). For a tv show she can make a square in the air to represent a tv set.

When the category is guessed, the actor puts her finger on her nose - this means the guess is correct. That gesture is used whenever a guess is correct.

Now the acting begins! If she is acting out a phrase (and not word by word) she can cross her arms then act it out.

She can hold up the number of fingers for the number of words in a phrase.

Words can be acted out in any order but the player will have to put fingers (or finger) up to let the other players know what word she is acting out.

If the word is longer and she wants to break it into syllables, she will raise fingers to let the others know what part of the word she is acting out.

For words like "a", "is" and "the" she can hold 2 fingers together to let the others know it is a small word which can't be acted out. Guessing here is fine.

For "sounds like", she can pull her earlobe or place her hand on her ear. Then she can point to - or act out - an object the word sounds like.

If a word is guessed but is too long or too short, she can stretch her hands out to mean "longer" or bring her hands together to mean "shorter."

Example, if "dance" is guessed and it should be "dancing" she will stretch her hands out to the side to mean "more" of the word.

She can hold her hand up, palm facing her and do a backward wave to let the players know they're getting close to the correct answer.

At each guess, she has to nod or shake her head to let them know whether they are correct or not.

The play continues until the word or phrase has been guessed. Another player then becomes the actor in the fun charades game.

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