Chalk Science Experiment

A cool kids chalk science experiment is one of the fun science experiments for kids to do at home (or in class).


Need: one piece of white chalk, glass of lemon juice OR glass of vinegar.


Set one piece of chalk aside on the table.

Using either lemon juice or vinegar, fill a glass half full with the liquid. Use a 16 oz glass if you have one.

Place the chalk in the glass. The chalk does not have to be completely covered in the liquid.

Set the glass aside for a couple of days.

The chalk should begin dissolving and then be completely dissolved in a few days.

Chalk is calcium carbonate while both vinegar and lemon juice are acidy.

The vinegar or lemon juice acidity dissolves the chalk.

You can try this chalk science experiment in school or at home using both vinegar and lemon juice.

Put a piece of chalk (or half of a piece) into a glass of vinegar.

Put the other half of the chalk (or a full piece) in a glass of lemon juice.

Which one seems to be dissolving the fastest? Or, are they both dissolving at the same pace?

Kids can also try using colored chalk in place of white chalk. Or use one white chalk and one colored chalk placed into separate glasses using either vinegar or lemon juice.

Does the colored chalk dissolve at the same rate as the white chalk?

Then try the same experiment in whatever liquid you did not use for the first experiment.

Color Game

A fun activity that's one of the neat kids play ideas any time.

Before You Start

Need: 4 pieces of white paper, 3 pieces of colored paper - use blue, green and red, black marker pen, glue, scissors


Draw a circle on the 3 color sheets of paper. Get an adult to cut out each shape. Glue the circles to its own sheet of white paper.

You will have one blank sheet of white paper left.

In the center of each circle, draw a circle with the marker, about 1/4 inch wide and color it in with the marker.

On the blank sheet of white paper, draw a square bigger than the circles.

In a very bright part of the house, place the paper with the square on it so the child can quickly glance at it.

Take the red circle and stare at the center circle for 20 seconds.

If you're doing this experiment at night, make sure you have a lamp on and it's near the circle that you're staring at.

After 20 seconds, look at the sheet of paper with the square on it.

You should see the circle, but it's no longer red! It should be a shade of blue and green.

Do the same with the blue and green circles.

With the blue circle, you should see yellow when you look at the square.

And the green circle should be a color like purple, or a cross between blue and red!

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