Catch Baseball

Catch Baseball is one of the fun outdoor games for kids and group games for kids.

This activity is a kid's classic played for generations! It'll continue to be passed down.

Kids can play with their friends or parents can get involved and get in on the fun!

You don't need a pitcher to play this! You are your own pitcher.

Before You Begin

3 or more players
Ages: 8 and up
Need baseball, bat, gloves


One player is the batter while the others are fielders.

The batter throws the ball in the air then hits it with the bat towards the fielders.

The fielder who catches the ball is the new batter. The old batter is now a fielder.

Play continues in this manner with one player batting and the other players trying to catch the ball.

A caught ball is worth one point.

After a preset amount of time has passed the winner is the player with the most points.


Another way to play this is to allow each player a chance to bat five times.

The outfielders who catch each ball still get one point but they don't switch up once someone has caught the ball.

Once the player has had 5 chances to bat, the outfielder with the most points will be the new batter.

Players still keep track of their points, and the overall winner is the kid with the highest number of points.

You can lower the number of at bats for each person to 3 if you'd like.

For larger groups of kids, let each child bat 3 times in a row.

For smaller groups of kids, 4 or less, let each kid bat 5 times.

You can also play without naming a winner and not keeping score of how many points each person gets.

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