Cat and Mouse Game

Cat and Mouse Game is one of the fun outdoor games for kids.

It's also great for playground games for elementary kids.

Or play in the school gym if it's winter where you live right now.

Do cats and mice get along?

The answer would probably be "no"!

Your pets won't be playing, but they can watch if they want!

But this fun activity lets kids pretend to be both cats and mice.

The mouse has to avoid getting caught by kitty!

Sound easy? Well, you'll find out that it's not quite as easy as it sounds.

The Pre-Show

6 or more players
Ages 5 and up


Begin by having all players, except 2, get in a circle and hold hands.

The 2 players not in the circle will be the "cat" and the "mouse".

The mouse will stand inside the circle while the cat will be outside the circle.

The mouse has to get outside the circle and avoid being caught by the cat.

The mouse can get back inside the circle where he will be safe. The cat cannot come into the circle.

Mouse Rules

The mouse cannot stand still, even if that means running or jumping in place while inside the circle.

And the mouse cannot remain in the circle more than 10 seconds.


The players holding hands attempt to keep the cat away from the mouse.

They can lift their hands up so the mouse has a quick escape into the circle.

They can also stand in the cat's way so he can't reach in the circle and grab the mouse.

The cat can reach in, but that's all that's allowed.

Once the mouse is caught, the mouse is the new cat.

The old cat takes her place and another player becomes the mouse.

Set a time limit of one or two minutes so each kid gets to play.

It's possible the mouse can avoid capture by the cat, and if no time limit is set, all the kids won't get to play.

Enjoy playing .

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